Contact Us
Our customers enjoy having all possible options available to them to reach us. You can call toll-free, fax, or email to ask questions, place an order, or request service. Our customers each have their own representative, who know them and their individual needs. If you know who your representative is, you may address any correspondence to them. If you do not know who is handling your account, or if they are not available, someone else will gladly assist you. Here is our general contact info.

Email Address:

Toll Free Phone: (800)-822-6004

Business Line: (310) 329-9110

Fax: (310) 329- 9428

Return Policy
We not only warrant the quality of our products, we go further and warrant complete satisfaction. There can never be a dispute over products obtained from Service Warehouse. We just will not permit that to happen. The few problems that may possibly arise will be resolved by your representative who can be reached by Phone, Fax or Email. Any damaged or missing parts should be reported within 10 days. CLICK HERE for a complete listing of our return policies and procedures. It is our feeling that you will respond favorable to the value of our integrity of our policies, and the services we perform.

Hours of Operation
Our warehouse is open for business from 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST
Our sales staff is available from 5:45 AM until 3:00 PM PST .
Our fax lines, email, and web portal are operational 24/7.

Will Calls
We are a national wholesale distributor who does not have a formal showroom. 98% of the orders we process are shipped UPS to their destination. We encourage customers who would like to will call an order to place it ahead of time, and give us a minimum of one hour to get it ready.

Physical Address:                                  Mailing Address:

The Service Warehouse                             The Service Warehouse
17819 S. Figueroa Street                               P.O. BOX 3459
Gardena , CA 90248                                     Gardena , CA 90247

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